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Here at HAPA pharm, we believe in the power of strong partnerships and professional networks. Our carefully selected network partners and companions play a crucial role in our pursuit of excellence in the pharmaceutical industry. Discover the influential organizations and platforms we work with and learn how these collaborations help us deliver innovative solutions and outstanding services.


Network 1

Bundesverband der pharmazeutischen Industrie e.V.

The German Pharmaceutical Industry Association (BPI) is a comprehensive trade association representing the interests of over 240 companies. With its expertise, it promotes innovation and sustainable growth in the pharmaceutical industry in Germany.

Network 2

European Medicinal Cannabis Association

The European Medicinal Cannabis Association (EUMCA) is committed to high standards and quality in the medicinal cannabis industry. As a leading voice, it promotes evidence-based medicine and patient-oriented solutions in Europe.


Network 3


Flowzz.com offers Germany's largest database for legal medicinal cannabis. Users can view live stocks of all available strains from pharmacies, updated daily, compare prices and redeem prescriptions.

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Lieber Arzt, Lieber Apotheker,

im Passwort-geschützten Bereich unserer Website haben wir zahlreiche wertvolle Artikel für Sie zur Verfügung gestellt. Unter anderem finden Sie Informationen zu folgenden Themen: 

  • Verschreibung & Erstattung, GOP
  • Antragstellung Krankenkasse (was Sie Ihren Patienten unbedingt mitteilen sollen)
  • Produktübersicht
  • Dosisfindung
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