[PRESS RELEASE] Standardized medical cannabis for greater patient safety

[PRESS RELEASE] Standardized medical cannabis for greater patient safety

Düsseldorf, September 2023 – expopharm, Europe’s leading trade fair for the pharmaceutical market, is once again the central meeting place for industry insiders in Düsseldorf this year. In addition to a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical products and services, this year HAPA pharm presented its innovative dosage forms for medicinal cannabis developed with pharmacists, including inhalation cones filled in the pharmacy based on cannabis granules (so-called prerolled joints), compressed cannabis inhalation products (so-called pressed pellets) based on cannabis granules and cannabis tea in pre-portioned form. All of these innovations have been developed from practical experience and designed specifically for the professional audience.

These new products reflect HAPA pharm’s commitment to quality and patient safety and mark an important step in the development of patient-friendly cannabis products.

The innovations presented

  • enable standardized delivery to patients through precise dosing
  • enable standardized ingestion
  • are based on already recognized prescription regulations (e.g. inhalation of flowers, tea preparations)
  • enable simplified and more effective dispensing by pharmacies thanks to standardized processes and equipment
  • make it easy for caregivers and nursing staff to administer cannabis medicines to their patients.


During an exciting interview with the expopharm TV team, Alexander Rieg, Chief Operating Officer of HAPA pharm, discussed the latest development of standardized pharmacy dosage forms for medical cannabis.

It’s an exciting moment for us and we are proud to be at the forefront of innovation for medicinal cannabis as a result. Our goal has always been to bring more standardization through innovation to the confusing world of medical cannabis flowers. We place great emphasis on covering the many different aspects of the cannabis value chain, including handling in pharmacies,” says Rieg.

Notes: The full interview is available on YouTube. Take a look at it. It offers a valuable insight into a topic that no one should miss.


HAPA used the event itself to present the new dosage forms. Michael Sprenger from the HAPA pharm team led through the program. “Sharing our progress in product development is an absolute highlight for us. Now we can make this result accessible to a wider audience. The response was consistently positive and both doctors and pharmacists showed great interest, especially because the innovations are a further step towards standardized intake and significantly simplify handling.

Note: Did you miss our presentation at this year’s expopharm? Don’t worry – Michael Sprenger will take you on a recorded video tour of our latest products and developments.

At the end of this year’s expopharm, Ricardo Pendon, CEO of HAPA pharm, drew a positive conclusion. “This trade fair was not only exciting for us as a platform, but also extremely successful in terms of networking with the right people. The quality of the discussions, the interest in our innovations and the opportunity to initiate new partnerships exceeded our expectations.

About HAPA pharm

HAPA pharm is an internationally active German company specializing in the development, production and distribution of cannabinoid-containing products. The company stands for the controlled cultivation of cannabis plants in Europe and the in-house production of cannabis-based medicinal products in accordance with GMP guidelines.

Medicinal cannabis for Europe

The therapeutic potential of medicinal cannabis has been known for thousands of years and was only forgotten in the 20th century, so that today only a few doctors are trained in the importance of the endocannabinoid system and the practical implementation of cannabis therapy. For some years now, cannabinoid medicine has been experiencing a worldwide renaissance. The German company HAPA pharm stands for innovation in cannabinoid medicine: we are a manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality phytocannabinoid pharmaceuticals and support international research, development and medical training in this exciting field of medicine.

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